My Most Popular and Cost Effective Spiritual Healing Program!

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer and teacher who has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world during the last nine years. What I have found is that often people face the same challenges regardless of age, sex, income or location. I designed the Daily Energetic Support Program as a cost effective way to help people in areas like self esteem, stress, abundance, etc.

Are YOU Worth $2 a day?  We all live in a world where balancing the conflicting demands of home and family can be challenging.  I created the Daily Energetic Support Program to help you to realize more of your full potential. The cost of this program is just $60 a month for individuals; $90 a month for two people, $120 a month for families and $10 for pets. I also offer participants one of the Practical Mastery video recordings each month - an additional value of $27!

To view a video from Bill explaining what the Daily Support Program is and most importantly how it can help YOU!
To see the huge list of healing energies that are sent at least twice per day to participants in the Daily Support Program!

Daily Energetic Support Program

As a free Thank You Gift for participating in this program, I am offering each of you three of my Practical Mastery Videos - the two with Practical Mastery Clearing Sessions and the Practical Mastery Shield Package IF you sign up today!

Benefits from Participating in the Daily Energetic Support Program:

I provide energetic support at least twice a day to help people to:

  • Clear, heal, transmute and release energetic weaknesses, imbalances, illness and disease states using Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™;

  • Healing for the physical organs and systems as well as for the chakras, meridians, strangeflows and energetic systems using Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™;

  • Healing to promote optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being on all levels using Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™;

  • Healing emotional trauma, inner child wounding and the personality self using Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™;

  • Release blocks to becoming abundant, prosperous and successful;

  • Release blocks to feeling happy, content, satisfied and fulfilled;

  • Release blocks to loving, accepting, liking, trusting and believing in yourself and others;

  • Heal their relationships and to forgive themselves, others and GOD;

  • Help people working with affirmations by transmitting energies to clear resistance to their affirmations and blocks they may have to embodying their desired reality;

  • Help people to grow spiritually and to connect with and embody the highest level aspect of their monads.

Using a combination of prayer, the Universal Clearing Profile and a divine ideal extract of the energies utilized in Practical Mastery, Angelic Mastery, Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™ and all the vibrationally encoded images I  have created help participants in this program to:

  • Clear, heal and release less-than-love energies, frequencies, vibrations programs, patterns, influences, beings, cords, hooks and implants from their consciousness and energy fields;

  • Clear core fear and fear-based beliefs, programs, memories, feelings and attitudes.

  • Clear stress, anxiety, tension and worry;

  • Clear, heal and recalibrate their emotional body for optimal emotional health and well-being;

  • Clear, heal and recalibrate their mental body for optimal mental health and well-being;

  • Clear, heal and recalibrate the Higher Self, Soul, Over-Soul, God Self and spiritual bodies for optimal spiritual health and well-being.

  • Clear negative ego programming;

  • Clear negative self talk and inner dialog from their consciousness;

  • Clear addictive and obsessive programming, conditioning and behaviors;

  • Clear guilt, blame, shame and pity;

  • Clear depression, despair, hopelessness, sadness, grief and sorrow;

  • Clear anger, rage, resentment and road rage;

  • Clear self sabotage, confusion and doubt;

  • Clear stagnant, congested and unclear energies;

  • Clear heavy, dense, dark and slow energies;  

  • Clear less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the personal finances, money, bank accounts, financial assets and liabilities;

  • Clear less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the job, place of employment and the company you work for;

  • Clear, heal and release less than love energies, frequencies and vibrations from the home, car, real and personal property and personal office spaces;

  • All of these transmissions are to calibrated to each individual, aligned with the highest good and all concerned in ways that support and honor the spiritual evolution of each being with the divine ideal integration in the divine ideal way and manner with ease and grace.


“I just wanted to write and say a HUGE Thank You for all the healing work you have been doing for me. Since I joined your Daily Energetic Support Program early in 2007, I began noticing subtle changes occurring in my life. Things that have been off kilter and not in a good way for years, strangely began to 'right' themselves. I have no other way of expressing it but that is what began happening, fairly slowly but steadily and noticeably. I'll definitely be staying with the program for as long as is needed. Thanks again Bill for consistently being there, for always being quick to respond and for your patience, understanding and above all, for helping me to make some very necessary changes in my life.”  (Derek S, London)


And I am always fine-tuning it. For example in late October of 2008, I added some additional energies to support people moving through accelerated change.


Bill, thank you very much for the free gifts for this month, and for all other gifts and energetic support for all the past months.  I have not been able to write to thank you each time, but I am always very grateful for your help.  I went through another difficult phase with the new project.  Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line to express my appreciation for DESP.  All the best, Miyoko






Video About the Daily Energetic Support Program




Upgrades to the DESP as of October 27, 2008

In light of the accelerated change and pace of change on the planet as the ascension process accelerates, I have decided to beef up the Daily Energetic Support Program to assist people to more gracefully, easily and effortlessly handle the transition. The new energies are to:

  • Clear blocks we have to thriving, prospering and being joyful in the midst of change and chaos.
  • Clear, heal, transmute and release resistance to change.
  • Bring in and integrate energies of going with the flow, adaptability, flexibility, sovereignty, inner peace, self love, inner strength, optimism, joy, stamina and courage.
  • Clear stress, anxiety, fears - often subconscious - originating from the accelerated pace of change on the planet.
  • Clear, heal, transmute and release patterns of taking on stuff from the planet and other people who are not handling change well.
  • Maintain a constant strong connection to your inner divinity and to quickly upgrade and integrate changes in yourself that originate from the new energies coming into the planet with ease and grace.
  • Clear, heal, transmute and release any blocks we have to asking for help and to receiving support on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual grounding into the love and consciousness of your highest level aspect of your monad which knows no fear.
  • Energetic support in maintaining a strong connection to your inner divinity and to Spirit in the midst of chaos and accelerated change.
  • Energies to assist you to be in the world but not of this world – so that you are able to stay clear, sovereign, calm, centered, balanced and aligned to who you truly are no matter what is going on around you.


How to Fine-Tune the Program EVEN MORE to Meet YOUR Specific Needs and Desires!

I encourage each person who participates in the Daily Energetic Support Program to set an intent for the healing and areas of energetic support that he or she would like assistance with. The easiest way to do this is to write out a simple statement like "My intent is to receive healing for _______________ and energetic assistance for ___________________."  You do NOT need to send me this however since the Creator knows what is aligned with your highest good and what will support your spiritual evolution.

These daily transmissions are NOT conference calls. I picked up a lot of strange energies from other people in some of the conference calls that I participated in so I have decided to just connect with the Creator and transmit the energies to the souls of the participants directly rather than through a telephone connection. That way each participant is sovereign in their energy field and not connected to the energy fields of all of the other participants. It feels much cleaner to me energetically to do it in this way.


Ordering Information

The cost to participate in this program is $60 for individuals per month; $90 per month for two people (couples, partners, friends, siblings, parent/child); $120 per month for families; and $10 per month per pet.  You can use either PayPal or your credit card to make the purchase. The participation is set up as a recurring fee that can be cancelled at any time just return to this page and click on the "Cancel Subscription" button.

I will need to know the name and location of each participant in the program so that I can tune into his or her energy fields.  For children under twelve years old and pets of any age, I do not require permission to work on them but for all people over twelve years old and over I do need permission to work on them before they can participate in the program.  Click here to email me with this information as soon as you place the order.

To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for an individual ($60 per month; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time)

To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for Two (Two people; $90 per month; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time):

To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for a family ($120; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time):

To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for Pets click here ($10 per month for each pet; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time):



"I stumbled across Bill's free healing letters/subscriptions somehow and had been subscribed to them for months before I was led to dig about his site. When I became very ill in July, I began to have energetic cleansings with Bill. Since then, I have had several energetic cleansings, purges and protections with the help of Bill for various build ups that needed to be shed. Each occasion, without knowing when Bill would send me energy and the purge-cleanse-protections I had elected and had paid for, I had felt (and would feel)--a strong surge of wellness and energy anointing me and washing over me. When I was so ill I could barely stand up (severe anemia) or hold a thought in my head and was in severe pain--I miraculously felt a boost of energy simultaneously reducing my pain and yet reenergizing me; strengthening me--when I had not had that much energy or a lack of pain in weeks....

I elected to sign up for the DESP Program and it makes sense--it is like being able to tap into a constant flow of an energetic healing field--daily--to keep me FED--and not just coming to Bill when I feel run-down. It is remarkably affordable and I placed my entire family on it--so it will help us all progress, synergistically along with the work we are consciously doing to shed patterns and journey to becoming better versions of our human selves.....

Right after/the night of, I believe that I signed up for the DESP Program, and I knew it was the right solution to keep me aligned, I had a lucid dream--and I do not remember my dreams most of the time--and not all are lucid--this one was specifically of Angels showing me the energy field(s) Bill had set up, with their guidance and help, for healing and it was a glowing ball of perpetual love and healing and soul food--they showed me this and were commending me that I did need this and I made a good choice as this is what I needed to carry on my mission, and with the support, and their love and blessings through Bill's physical manifestation and life mission to create such for lightworkers' support." (Tiffany W, CA)


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