Advanced Clearing and Protection Package (Video Transmission and Three Master Healing Images)

Over the last few years, I have created a lot of advanced mastery tool images to assist healers, light-workers. Basically over the last few years every time I get hosed energetically, I create a clearing profile image to go after what hosed me and a transmuter shield image to protect myself to the fullest extent possible from repeating the experience.

When I was meditating last week, I got that I have developed enough of these images that I should create a video transmission of these energies and to create three master healing images to accompany the video recording. If you feel drawn to order this package of clearing and protection transmissions, I encourage you to print out the three images that accompany the video recording and look at them often over the next three to four weeks. This will help you to hardwire into your consciousness and quantum fields the energies of the clearing profile and the transmuter shield images.

The first fourteen minutes or so of the Clearing and Protection Package video recording has nine clearing transmissions for:

  1. Advanced Clearing Profile for Cosmic Ascension
  2. Advanced Clearing and Healing Profiles for the Personality and Mental Body
  3. Advanced Clearing Profile for Covert/Hidden Less-than-Love Stuff
  4. Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter for Less Than Love Interference
  5. Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter of Less Than Love Patterns, Energies and Frequencies
  6. Clearing and Healing the Universal Spaces
  7. Clearing and Healing the Multiverse Spaces
  8. Clearing and Healing the Omniverse Spaces
  9. Going beyond all that we know to ask Clearing.

The last part of the Clearing and Protection Package video recording has sixteen protection and shielding transmissions for:

  1. Angelic/Elohim Sexual/Intimate Encounters Transmuter Shield
  2. Etheric Body Double Transmuter Shield
  3. Financial Sovereignty Transmuter Shield
  4. Universal Adversary Transmuter Shield
  5. Universal Alien/Extraterrestrial Activities/Influences Transmuter Shield
  6. Universal Astral Travel Transmuter Shield
  7. Universal Empathy Transmuter Shield
  8. Universal Entities, Waywards and Elementals Transmuter Shield
  9. Universal Genetics Transmuter
  10. Universal Hooks and Cords Transmuter Shield
  11. Universal Implants, Devices and Technologies Transmuter Shield
  12. Universal Matrix Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter Shield
  13. Universal Negative Thought Forms Transmuter Shield
  14. Universal Spherical Transmuter Shield
  15. Universal Touch Transmuter Shield
  16. Going beyond all that we know to ask for, divine ideal shielding and protective mechanisms.


"The video for the Clearing/Protection Package was absolutely incredible and as I felt each transmission, my body became heated and then a sense of intense peace overcame me.  In areas where I knew I had problems, I could feel the constricting energy evaporate and I felt a flood of relief and at one point - extreme joy and laughter with the release.  I feel very grateful to have experienced these clearings and to be shielded from future events is nothing short of a miracle for me.  Thank you so much for compiling such accelerated healing and shielding in a way that all I had to do was receive.  I have such a state of inner peace, an expanded sense of protection and my aura feels calm and energized. This is a really cool observation which has given me tremendous peace since the download.  I had an obsessive compulsive behavior that was incessant and now it has stopped.  Poof... gone.  When the idea comes to my mind, I have no desire to act on it... sort of like my empowered choice on the matter has been restored.  What a miracle.  I imagine that there is more healing to integrate, but these transmissions were extremely powerful and have liberated me from a ton of junk!  Thanks so much. Love and peace, Marianne." 


Ordering Information

The cost of the Clearing and Protection Package video transmission and three accompanying healing images is just $180. I created a new shopping cart just for video recordings and digital images so that you can receive your products IMMEDIATELY after you place your order.  After you make an order, you will be directed to a page on the Healing Holograms web site where you can download the images.  Please email if you have any problems viewing the video transmission and downloading the images.

Clearing/Protection Package Quantity Desired:














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