My Most Popular and Cost Effective Spiritual Healing Program!

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer and teacher who has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world during the last nine years. What I have found is that often people face the same challenges regardless of age, sex, income or location. I designed the Daily Energetic Support Program as a cost effective way to help people in areas like self esteem, stress, abundance, etc.

Are YOU Worth $2 a day?  We all live in a world where balancing the conflicting demands of home and family can be challenging.  I created the Daily Energetic Support Program to help you to realize more of your full potential. The cost of this program is just $47 a month for individuals.

To see what you get when you participate in the Daily Support Program!
To learn how I can assist your pet or animal companion.

Daily Energetic Support Program

The Daily Holistic Healing Health Support Program is one of the most cost effective ways for you ato receive daily holistic healing support from holistic healer Bill Austin.

olistic healing health helps you to heal all levels - body, heart, mind and soul! Holistic healing health techniques can enhance the quality of your life and help you create a life that works and supports you on all levels but often we need that little extra boost and that is what the Daily Holistic Healing Health Support Program is all about."  Spiritual Healer Bill Austin

What Would YOUR Life Be Like if YOU Realized Your Full Potential?

Just living in today's world is sometimes like being in a circus act! We constantly juggle the demands of work, home and family, and these responsibilities can become quite a challenge. I've found that
most people face the same issues regardless of age, sex, income or location. That's why I designed this popular, comprehensive Daily Holistic Health Support Program as a cost effective way to help people confront those day-to-day challenges with ongoing holistic healing support. 

Over the last ten years I've helped people all over the world to realize more of their full potential and to enhance the quality of their daily lives. Isn't it worth
less than $3 per day to receive 3 to 4 daily streams of holistic healing energy directed to help you improve your self-esteem, heal your body, relieve stress, become prosperous, and feel happy


“I just wanted to write and say a HUGE Thank You for all the healing work you have been doing for me. Since I joined your Daily Energetic Support Program early in 2007, I began noticing subtle changes occurring in my life. Things that have been off kilter and not in a good way for years, strangely began to 'right' themselves. I have no other way of expressing it but that is what began happening, fairly slowly but steadily and noticeably. I'll definitely be staying with the program for as long as is needed. Thanks again Bill for consistently being there, for always being quick to respond and for your patience, understanding and above all, for helping me to make some very necessary changes in my life.”  (Derek S, London)



Introducing New Daily Support Programs for Healing, Enlightenment, Money and Relationships

I realized when I was working on clearing myself of self sabotage that I have been sabotaging myself in the way I was doing the Daily Support Program. When I created the program years ago, I wanted to create just one program that could suit the needs of most of my clients. But by creating one program for everyone, I created a program that was not ideal for anyone.

I decided to create four Daily Support Programs that I am calling:

  1. Healing Support Program

  2. Spiritual Support Program

  3. Financial Support Program

  4. Relationship Support Program

Each of these four support programs contains four general clearing and healing transmissions and over twenty targeted transmissions a day meet the needs of my customers who are looking for help on healing, spiritual growth, money and relationships. I tried to make these programs as affordable as possible so more people could take advantage of them. Each Daily Support Program costs less than $2 a day.





Healing for YOUR Pet and Animal Companions as Well

When I began this program, I got that it could assist pets and animals as well as humans. So each day, when I making the daily transmissions, I also transmit healing energies from the modalities I work with - Angelic Mastery, Practical Mastery, the Universal Clearing Profile and now the Universal Pet and Animal Healing and Clearing Modality. The daily energies are sent to assist each pet or animal to function at the optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and health on all levels. The cost for this is just $10 per pet per month. If you choose to sign-up for this program, please email me after you place the order to let me know the name of the pet, what species they are, where they are located and if they have any significant health challenges going on.


To order the Daily Energetic Support Program for Pets click here ($10 per month for each pet; recurring payment; can be cancelled at any time):



"I stumbled across Bill's free healing letters/subscriptions somehow and had been subscribed to them for months before I was led to dig about his site. When I became very ill in July, I began to have energetic cleansings with Bill. Since then, I have had several energetic cleansings, purges and protections with the help of Bill for various build ups that needed to be shed. Each occasion, without knowing when Bill would send me energy and the purge-cleanse-protections I had elected and had paid for, I had felt (and would feel)--a strong surge of wellness and energy anointing me and washing over me. When I was so ill I could barely stand up (severe anemia) or hold a thought in my head and was in severe pain--I miraculously felt a boost of energy simultaneously reducing my pain and yet reenergizing me; strengthening me--when I had not had that much energy or a lack of pain in weeks....

I elected to sign up for the DESP Program and it makes sense--it is like being able to tap into a constant flow of an energetic healing field--daily--to keep me FED--and not just coming to Bill when I feel run-down. It is remarkably affordable and I placed my entire family on it--so it will help us all progress, synergistically along with the work we are consciously doing to shed patterns and journey to becoming better versions of our human selves.....

Right after/the night of, I believe that I signed up for the DESP Program, and I knew it was the right solution to keep me aligned, I had a lucid dream--and I do not remember my dreams most of the time--and not all are lucid--this one was specifically of Angels showing me the energy field(s) Bill had set up, with their guidance and help, for healing and it was a glowing ball of perpetual love and healing and soul food--they showed me this and were commending me that I did need this and I made a good choice as this is what I needed to carry on my mission, and with the support, and their love and blessings through Bill's physical manifestation and life mission to create such for lightworkers' support." (Tiffany W, CA)


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