Self Directed Healing & Enlightenment Program

Over the last few years, I have focused a lot in the area of healing and heart oriented ascension and have created hundreds of videos, audios and other digital products. There are so many things out there that often folks get confused as to what would best help them and what order to take things. I decided to create this program to help simplify things for folks and to provide a structure for people so it would not be so much potluck as it has in the past.

Each level of the Self Directed Healing Program builds on the prior one(s) and contains thirty of my most powerful and effective healing and enlightenment videos or audio recordings.

I do recommend that you do not listen or view more than one or two of the videos on the same day and you may want space them out to allow a day or two for integration between listening to them. While there is no need to listen or view them more than once, I do feel that every time you listen or view them, you will receive another level or layer of healing.

At this time, I am offering two groups in this series. While I am not making it a prerequisite to order Group 1, prior to ordering Group 2, I do highly recommend doing this. For more information about the two groups, click on the links below:




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