Inner Mastery Tools: Practitioner Training

The Inner Mastery Tools are a set of clearing, healing, and awakening Tools for use in personal healing or in therapy that support healing and transformation of any less than love conditions that may be experienced in life.  The Tools contain activations and codes to effectuate many important paradigm shifts to move out of duality consciousness, the reality of pain and struggle, and resistance to new levels of enlightenment that are now possible in the earthly experience. The Tools support a person toward releasing all dysfunction and embracing ever greater joy as a new reality of being. 

They are very practical and intended for day-to-day use, to clear, reprogram, and enlighten you as you face your usual challenges and difficulties. Daily use of the Tools will result in huge shifts into greater freedom and active engagement in life for anyone who wishes to change his or her life for the better. No matter what problems you face in life, these Tools will help you to realize a better life.


Some of the Inner Mastery Tools products that can help people create more success, prosperity and abundance include:


Affirmation Enhancer Tool


Affirmation Enhancer Tool for Practitioners


Energy Flows Balancing Module


Lightworker and Healer Support Toolkit

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Home Healing Products for Under $20

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