The Best Pet Healing Program Ever – Paws Down

“When our beloved pets are sick and not feeling well, we want to be able to do EVERYTHING that we can to help them to feel better.  Bill Austin is a POWERFUL, COMPASSIONATE HEALER, who lovingly understands just how much our “fur babies” mean to us and the depth of love that we hold for them.  Bill makes pet healing easy and affordable too. His Daily Pet Healing Support Program has provided me and my pets with such comfort knowing that healing is being sent EVERYDAY and when there is no illness good health is being maintained. Bill’s Pet Blasting sessions, like I have found his Human Divine Blasts for me,  have been nothing short of MIRACULOUS. I have seen and felt IMMEDIATE instant results.”  ( Michele Marzano, NJ)


Have you ever sat back at the end of the day, tired and burned out from all of the stress and running around.  You look at your pet and say:  “Your life is easy.  I wish I were you!”

It may seem that way, but our pets take on a lot of negative energy that surrounds us every day.  Our pets are like members of our family, and they are intuitive enough to recognize when we haven’t had the best day, and they absorb a lot of negative energy.

Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, bird, turtles or ferret we all have one thing in common:  We love them like a member of our own family.  I like to consider my Yorkies as my “FIDs”, or “furred kids”.  And I spoil them like they are my kids!

I know that with my three little princesses that they can usually take care of me and make me feel better but I know that they also need healing energy.

It’s time we gave them our pets a break and get them some of the healing they need.












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