Healer Support Package

Monica Castaneda got me thinking about creating some sound healing mp3 audio recordings to support healers. When I meditated on this, I came up with seven ideas for recordings:

  • Preparing for a Healing Session

  • Clearing Yourself  After a Holistic Healing Session

  • Releasing Doubts, Fears, Distrust and Self Sabotage Around Healing Yourself and Others

  • Creating and Maintaining Strong and Healthy Energetic Boundaries between Yourself and Others

  • Clearing Blocks to Becoming a Pure Channel for Healing from the Creator

  • Expanding Your Clarity, Compassion, Intuition, Wisdom, Capacity, Capability, Channel and Ability to Heal Yourself and Others

  • Angelic Purification, Cleanse and Blessing for Healers

Although I created these recordings to specifically help healers, I get that everyone can benefit from them. They include a lot of energies and frequencies to help people to heal themselves as well as others so they are a great resource or tool for self healing. After I recorded these sound healing tracks, I got that they needed to be packaged together and sold as a unit so I am offering this Healer Support Package for just $97.

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