MEGA Holistic Healing and Enlightenment Sessions

I was pondering all of the holistic healing and enlightenment sessions I offered and I realized that if I began my energy healing practice today, I would combine all of my holistic health and spiritual growth modalities to create an unified approach for healing and enlightenment.

Embody The Love That You Are: Tap Into The Power Of MEGA Holistic Healing And Enlightenment Sessions

Wouldn't it be great if you could get the advantage of 24 holistic health and spiritual growth sessions in just one session?

Every MEGA Holistic Healing and Enlightenment session offered below combines the slightly different angles of clearing, healing and spiritual growth in each of my Practical Mastery, Angelic Mastery, Universal Clearing Profile, and Crystalline Rainbow Reiki modalities. The result of this unified approach is   one powerful, effective holistic healing and enlightenment session at a great value.  

PLUS You can rerun each holistic healing and enlightenment session that you order in the future using a trigger phrase!

Get 24 Holistic Healing and Enlightenment Sessions For The Price Of One, Plus 2 Specially Priced Package Sessions:

Each MEGA Holistic Healing and Enlightenment Session is just $47.   A real bargain, as most holistic healing and spiritual growth sessions are $18 each! 


In addition, you may choose the 5 Session Package of Holistic Healing and Enlightenment sessions and save over 25%.


Ordering Information:

Simply check the box to select your preference, then click on "Add To Cart" to review your order.  Proceed to "Check Out Now" to select your payment method, and fill out the secure online order form.

For package orders, check the box to select your package, then click on "Add To Cart" to review your order. Proceed to "Check Out Now" to select your payment method, and fill out the secure online order form.  Please specify your session preferences under the Special Instruction box on the order form.

Your sessions will be transmitted within four business days from the receipt of your order.  (Sessions will not be transmitted during holidays.)

To order, just click on the MEGA Holistic Healing and Enlightenment sessions you want to add them to the cart (Add button is located at the bottom of the list of MEGA Healing and Enlightenment Sessions):





Package of Five MEGA Holistic Healing and Enlightenment Sessions ($180, specify which ones in order form)
Able to Give and Receive Love and Healing
Abundance, Success and Prosperity
Abuse/Neglect/Being Abused
Accepting Yourself, Others and Spirit
Addictions to Alcohol/Drinking/Cravings/Triggers
Addictions to Drugs of All Kinds/Drug Abuse/Cravings/Triggers
Addictions to Food/Food Allergies/Cravings/Triggers/Overeating
Addictions to Gambling, Shopping and Emotional Spending
Addictions to Nicotine/Smoking/Cravings/Triggers
Addictions to Sex and Pornography/Cravings/Triggers
Addictive, Obsessive and Compulsive Tendencies, Programs and Behaviors
Aging and Getting Older
Allowing and Being Open to Receive
Aligning with the Heart of the Creator
Aligning with the Heart Paradigm
Aligning with the Laws of Attraction and Love
Aligning with Your Soul/Higher Self
Anger, Rage, Berserker Anger and Road Rage
Anxiety, Stress, Tension, Worry and Panic Attacks
Arrogance, Pride, Feeling Superior or Inferior
Arthritis and Genetic Predispositions to Arthritis
Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder
Awakening, Opening and Activating Your Heart
Bad Luck/Financial Adversity and Hardship
Balancing Service to Self with Service to Others
Balancing the Masculine/Feminine and Yin/Yang
Being Authentic, Real and True to Yourself
Being in the World but NOT of the World
Being Present 100% and Claiming Your Power 100%
Cancer/Pre-Cancer/Melanoma/Genetic Predispositions to Cancer
Chakra /Meridians/Strange Flows Clearing, Healing and Balancing
Christ/Christos Consciousness
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Feeling Depleted, Burned Out and Exhausted
Clarity, Nonattachment and Detachment
Co-Dependency and Emotional Neediness
Compassion and Living with Passion from Your Heart
Creating a Life that Works and Supports You on All Levels
Curses, Spells, Hexes, Psychic Attacks and Magical Influences
Dark Night of the Soul Stuff
Depression, Manic Depression, Despair, Grief, Sadness and All Downer Emotions
Deserving/Deserving to Succeed/Feeling Deserving
Detoxification and Releasing Heavy Metals
Embracing, Expressing and Embodying the Love that YOU Are
Emotional Mastery ? Alchemical Transformation of Fear into Love
Empowerment, Enlightenment and Self Realization
Endocrine Gland System Conditions and Associated Organs and Glands
Energetic Blockages, Weaknesses and Imbalances
Fear, Core Fear, Fearful Thinking/Emotions/Memories
Feeling Abandoned, Betrayed and Deserted
Feeling Blocked or Stuck in Major Areas of Your Life
Feeling Good and Looking Great
Feeling Unloved/Unsupported/Unappreciated
Financial Freedom and Sovereignty
Financial Neediness, Anxiety, Fear, Tension and Worry
Forgiving Yourself, Others and Spirit
Genetic Weaknesses, Imbalances and Predispositions to Disease
Going with the Flow/Fluidity/Flexibility
Gossiping, Lying, Arguing and Belittling Others
Grace and Living Magically
Gratitude, Thankfulness and Appreciation
Greed, Materialism, Lust, Jealousy and Possessiveness
Grounding, Balanced and Centered
Heart Disease and Blood Pressure Issues
Herpes, Hepatitis, Venereal Disease, Hiv-Aids and ALL Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Honoring Your Time and Energy
Hope, Optimism and Expecting/Seeing the Good in All
Infinite Expansion
Inner Child and Emotional Wounding, Trauma, Damage and Harm
Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
Intolerance, Racism, Homophobia and Prejudice
Joy, Happiness and Contentment
Judging/Criticizing/Being Judged and Criticized
Karma and Unresolved Karmic Issues
Kindness and Harmlessness
Knowing Yourself
Lack and Scarcity Consciousness
Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia
Less-than-Love Superstitions and Astrological/Numerology Influences
Less-than-Love Beings, Implants, Devices, Cords, Hooks and Influences
Less-than-Love Germs, Viruses, Microorganisms, Free Radicals and Bacteria
Less-than-Love Money Limitations, Beliefs, Feelings, Memories and Experiences
Less-than-Love, Negative and Non-YOU Energies, Frequencies and Influences
Loneliness/Broken Heartedness/Feeling Isolated and Alienated/Misfit
Low Levels of Self Esteem, Love, Acceptance and Worth
Light Hearted and Laughter
Living Without Limits
Magnetic to Your Highest Good and Most Loving Destiny
Memory Improvement
Mind Control , Interference and Manipulation
Negative Self Talk and Random Inner Dialog
Not Believing in/Not Being True to Yourself
Not Trusting Yourself, Others and Spirit
Obesity, Binge Eating, Overeating, Genetic Dispositions to Overweight and Eating Disorders
Open Heart and Open Mind
Optimal Health and Well Being on All Levels
Peace, Peace of God, Tranquility and Inner Peace
People Pleasing and Seeking Approval/Validation from Others
Healing Your Personality Self/Selves and Sub-Personalities
Pessimism, Impatience and Negative Mental Attitude
Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Trauma
Positive Mental Attitude and Enthusiasm
Rape, Incest and Molestation
Realizing Your Full Potential
Healing for Relationships - Especially Breakups and Endings
Releasing the Past/Unresolved Stuff from the Past/Carpe Diem
Renewal and Rejuvenation
Resistance to Change/Inflexibility/Unwilling to Change
Safety and Protection
Saying YES to Life
Saying YES to Money
Self Destructive Beliefs, Patterns and Programs
Self Esteem, Love, Acceptance and Worth
Self Imposed Limits & Blocks to Realizing Your Full Potential
Self Sabotage, Procrastination and Doubt
Shadow Side and Negative Ego Programming
Shyness and Balancing Introversion/Extroversion
Spiritual Congruency
Starseed Angst
Taking on Other People's Stuff/Saving and Rescuing Others
Taking Responsibility and Charge of Your Life
Taking Things Personally/Beating Up on Yourself
Third Dimensional Matrix Stuff
Trusting Self, Others and Spirit
Toxic Family of Origin Beliefs, Patterns and Programs
Toxic Mass Consciousness/Cultural Beliefs, Patterns and Programs
Toxic Religious Beliefs, Patterns and Programs
Trusting Your Inner Vision, Guidance and Insights
Type A Behavior/Workaholic
Victimization/Self Pity/Trying to Save and Rescue Others
Wisdom, Discernment and Intuition



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