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Golden Age Codes

During the last few days of 2007, I did a lot of work on clearing out the old energies so that I could be firmly anchored into the new energies of 2008. As I was meditating on what I needed to download for myself to assist me to move into the new energies of 2008 with ease and grace, I was shown a series of blueprints and templates. 

When I asked what they were I was told that they are Codes for the Golden Age and that I should download them not only for myself but also to transmit to others. In a way the Codes for the Golden Age are a continuation and deepening of the work I began in 2004 in this area when I downloaded the Codes for the New World and the Living in the Golden Age series of sessions.

The twelve codes or energetic blueprints/templates are for:

Abundance, Success and Prosperity;

Ascension, Enlightenment and GOD Realization;

Being in the World but NOT of the World;

Buddhic/Christ Consciousness;

Compassion and Forgiveness;
Grace of GOD;
Master Healing;
Neutrality, Detachment and Transparency;
Peace of GOD;
Self Love, Trust, Worth, Esteem and Acceptance;
Sovereignty, Freedom and Transcendence of Limitation and
Wisdom, Clarity and Discernment.

I have now transmitted these codes to several people and I am finding that these transmissions are doing a very deep level clearing, purification, cleansing and even purging of old energies that are no longer aligned to the individual's highest good or spiritual evolution. This is very powerful inner work so I do ask that anyone who orders these sessions to drink a lot of water for several days after the transmission to help the physical body to release toxins.

Many people are here to help anchor the energies and frequencies of the next Golden Age and unfortunately many of us have gotten dragged into the slime of duality consciousness rather than being a shining example for others. The Codes for the Golden Age are a divine dispensation of grace to help love workers to realign with their contracts with the Creator and the planet to get back into synch with the divine path and plan for this world.

I created a video recording so that I could transmit them at one time as a group since they are so interrelated to each other. People who are drawn to receiving these powerful codes for the next Golden Age are not only anchoring these frequencies into their own consciousness but also they are helping to anchor them on the planet as well. So it is a great world service!  I also include with the video transmission an image booklet with a master healing image for all of the Codes of the Golden Age plus individual images for each of the twelve major groups of transmissions.

Ordering Information

The cost of these powerful transmissions plus the image booklet is just $144 and you will be redirected to a web page where you may download them right after I receive your order.

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