In a way the body of work comprising the Crystalline DNA Activations™ Angelic Mastery™ and Practical Mastery™ healing modalities are my self improvement courses. The Mastery Sequences™ comprise my course in enlightenment - helping people to build a solid foundation for GOD Realization and to align with the Creator. And the body of work around Heart Oriented Ascension is about helping people to open their heart, align with the Heart Paradigm and to live from this space!

Heart Oriented Ascension

In March and April of 2008, I downloaded several hundred initiations and activations. The theme for this group of sessions is to help people to align with the emerging Heart Paradigm on Earth that will usher in the next Golden Age, which is called many things. The first group of them to be placed on this web site are the sessions I created for:

bullet NEW:  Mastery Activations
bullet NEW:  DNA Mastery Activations
bullet Crystalline Heart DNA Activations
bullet Living in the Golden Age
bullet Codes for the Golden Age
bullet Unplugging from the 3rd Dimensional Matrix
bullet Heart Activation Videos
bullet Rainbow Ascension Package












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