"I want you to know how amazing the Universal Clearing Profile tool is... Understand, I have been doing inner clearing work FOREVER it seems... I have used Star Life energies (similar but in my opinion more clean than Reiki)...EFT, PSYCH-K, BSFF and all these have worked.. BUT ... the UCP provides such a deep comprehensive clearing/cleansing. I am amazed! The other tools were like chopping down single trees in the forest of a core issue let's say. The UCP feels like it is leveling the entire forest... Thank you soo much for sharing this! Gosh I wish I had this ten years ago..." (Russell DiCarlo, Erie PA)


The idea for the Universal Clearing Profile came to me when I was downloading clearing profiles with trigger phases for the Mastery Training Modules ProgramI constantly monitor my vibration and energy level throughout the day and whenever I feel it drop, I immediately stop everything I am doing and try to figure out the root cause.  The next thing I do is pray and ask the Creator to clear the pattern and if that does not fully clear the imbalance, I then work on myself until I feel a shift. A lot of my best testimonials are for the UCP!

It occurred to me when I was creating articles for the Mastery Training Modules project that I was spending a lot of time on this and it would be easier to ask for and download a Universal Clearing Profile to go after things like this rather than spending as much time and energy as I was working on myself. I have been using the Universal Clearing Profile for only a short while but it feels much much more effective than my previous approach to clearing on an ad hoc basis and much quicker and easier as well. Often I don't have to figure things out - unless it is an important insight that will contribute to my mastery and growth.

Use with Other People: This tool is so powerful that you can use it to help other people - ONCE YOU GET THEIR PERMISSION. Click here to learn how Feng Shui teacher Monica Castaneda uses the UCP to help her children.

The tool is so elegantly simple and user friendly that there is only a three page set of instructions and another page with a vibrationally encoded image of the Universal Clearing Profile that you can share with others. The cost of being attuned to invoke, access and utilize the Universal Clearing Profile is $333 and I will try to attune you within three days after I receive your order.

When I meditated on this tool this is the information I received:

"The time each of you has been eagerly anticipating is now upon you. Many of the old, dense and heavy energies were cleared during the last three months of 2007 so that you and Gaia can now more quickly and much more smoothly enter the emerging Heart Paradigm - that marks the start of the next Golden Age. Many cosmic dispensations of grace will open up for humanity over the next five years.

Most of you reading this message have been on this path for many years now and in a way you have been blazing the trails for humanity to follow you. Many of you had many years to work on yourselves and to grow and expand your hearts and the amount of love you can hold and radiate.  Since most of humanity has not done a lot of the clearing work that you have, they will have to catch up very quickly. They do not have years to dedicate to spiritual growth like many of you did. And so from the Heart of the Creator, many powerful tools and techniques will be gifted to humanity to allow them participate in the ascension of Gaia.

The Universal Clearing Profile, the Creator Heart Alignment Profile,  and the Codes for the Golden Age are some of these gifts. The Universal Clearing Profile contains a vast myriad of healing, clearing, balancing, transmuting energies, frequencies, waves, programs, patterning, etc. When you are attuned to access and utilize this profile by the one you know as Bill Austin, it will give you a tool and a way to dissolve and release much of the less-than-love beliefs, feelings and memories as well as many of the limitations and self sabotage that most of you have carried around with you for many, many incarnations on this world.

To take full advantage of this most blessed tool, you will need to live more consciously than you ever have before. As you become more aware of the cyclical flow of energies and emotions throughout your beingness and begin to monitor the level of your vibration throughout the day - whenever your energy drops; you can use the Universal Clearing Profile to clear and release at the cause level the things that are dragging down your vibration and lowering your energy.You invoke the Universal Clearing Profile by intent using a trigger phrase created by Bill Austin that allows you to invoke, access and utilize this most blessed tool. The more you use the tool, the more it will serve to propel you into outwardly expressing the mastery that already exists within your heart. Blessings to you - dear ones and Welcome Home."  The Creator, January 14, 2008


Ordering Information:

Important Note: When I attune you to access and utilize the Universal Clearing Profile, you can access and use the UCP tool to assist other people.  However, you are NOT able to attune other people to access and utilize the Universal Clearing Profile. The cost of the UCP is $333

Universal Clearing Profile Attunement Quantity Desired:





"Bill, I have to tell you how much I love using Universal Clearing Profile. It is simple, fast and most important effective. Have used the protocol every day since being attuned. Well - last night  I was feeling pretty sick. I  activated a clearing using the UCP and in less than 5 minutes I was 100% better. All systems gone. this was amazing to me. In the past, a cleansing like this could take up to a week feeling sick. Thank you for the incredible tool!!!!! Love, Teresa Larson."
"Thank you Bill for the UCP Image.  I and my partner Sam worked with it yesterday, and I fell asleep for over an hour after running it on myself and woke up feeling clear. When I run it I see the energy pour down and the clearing take place, it is worth the purchase for both of us. As I mentioned I am extremely sensitive and continuously monitor my energy during the day where I need to stop when my energy lowers in vibration due to something I have picked up and then have to clear it (thoughts etc. from other people) as I operate from a blank mind, the UCP is helping me to maintain my blank mind so I am only  receiving messages from my higher mind and instructions from the ascended realm of consciousness, what a gift, thank you, by the way when I looked at the UCP Image I heard: Welcome Home." (Omra, Australia)

Using the Universal Clearing Profile (UCP) to Help Your Children

Monica Castaneda shared with me two beautiful stories this month about how she was able to help her children using the Universal Clearing Profile. Because I do not have children myself, I never thought about what a wonderful gift the UCP could be to a parent. I was so moved by her experiences that I wanted to share them with you as well.

Testimonial One:  My six year old boy had a close encounter with a bee one day last spring (the bee touched his hand) and since then he was afraid to be outside. He would crunch up his shoulders whenever we walked out the door. One day I asked him if he gave me permission to use the Universal Clearing Profile on him to clear him of the fear of bees. At first he was reluctant but then he said "Yes." I got my manual out and went through the process and then had him look at the image for a few minutes. About five minutes later I saw him squatting looking at something intently. When I got close I saw he was mesmerized by a bee getting nectar out of a flower -- he was less than a foot away from it. His shoulders were still crunched up though and he said he was still afraid of bees. A couple of weeks later he came to me with something in his hand. It was a huge bumblebee. He was holding it from the wings. He said, "Look mama, this bee really likes me. I 'catched' it and have been playing with it in the yard and it didn't even try to sting me." At first I thought it must be dead, but it wasn't. I asked him to let it go and he did. Of course we had to have a conversation about staying away from bees!

Testimonial Two:  My six year old boy had taken a few swim classes, both group and private, but was not making progress as expected. The teacher told me had said he was afraid of sinking and the deep end of the pool. I used the Universal Clearing Profile on him to clear the fear of sinking. The next time he had a class he was able to go to the deep end of the pool and swim by himself with a noodle. Next the teacher told me he was afraid of getting water on his face, so we cleared that too and right after that the instructor got him to put his head under water for eight seconds! Now he is progressing rapidly with his swim lessons.


"I am so incredibly impressed Bill with the Universal Clearing Profile (UCP) - itís an amazing gift & blessing to humanity.  I have never cleared so many issues so easily and so quickly, in fact I often think of it as a healing genie in a bottle! Whatever I want to clear gets done pretty instantly and I often receive a lot of insight into the issue as itís clearing so that my wisdom and mastery increases, but without any hardship. This tool is so sophisticated and easy to use whether I know the complexities of the issue or just have vague insight, it works the same. The mechanism behind the UCP already understands everything and as well as clearing the issue, it nurtures me along to a better understanding and clarity Ė it gently and lovingly works with me to help me see exactly what the source was, but all I do is facilitate the UCP and then just witness.

In the past two weeks since getting attuned I have cleared things that I have been trying to sort out or understand for many years. The monetary value of what has healed in that 2 weeks alone would equal $1000ís had I worked with other practitioners or learned new modalities to help heal these issues, and probably only been possible over many years with lots of hard work. I now feel energetically and mentally clearer than I have for years, and emotionally more peaceful. Each application of the UCP has been like clearing all the dark clouds of the past, making space for my inner light and essence to shine again unhindered. I feel I am more in my heart and in place of love again.

So many issues and worries that were constantly distracting me have just cleared up.  As a result I am able to focus more easily on my business, and my quality of life has really increased significantly. I feel a greater sense of freedom to now pursue more easily the life of my dreams. Another wonderful use I have found for the UCP is in helping me to manifest my goals and dreams. I have used it effectively to clear a lot of blocks there already which has been very helpful.

The UCP has very effectively cleared my house and land as well, and my animals and I are much more peaceful as a result. I have also used the UCP for issues some of my pets have and I think it works very well for animals. Even though the UCP is very powerful and effective, itís also very gentle and loving.

I use the UCP for everything and I am constantly amazed by it. I ran the UCP to clear my relationship between my Mum and myself and we have since been having a great time talking on the phone, itís like all the static of the past was gone and our pure essences were communicating again Ė that was after one clearing! 

I feel so supported now Ė the UCP is there for me in every moment and it works 100%. I feel like I have the most advanced and incredible healer working with me 24/7 and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they are new to healing and personal growth, or very experienced. I donít think there is anything the UCP couldnít solve, I sincerely believe it will work for anything you apply it to, just as it has for me so far. There is something so special about it Bill and I congratulate you on it. Itís really phenomenal! Thank you so much, itís one of the best things I have ever done for myself!"

Melinda Knights, Animal Communicator and Healer, Melbourne, Australia.


Creator Heart Alignment Profile

"I was lying in bed and saw you and felt the attunement take place, I saw your painted image and heard "Open Your Heart." 10 minutes later I went to my computer and saw your email that you had attuned me to the Creator Heart Alignment Profile, when I downloaded the file and saw your painted image I heard again "Open your Heart." I saw Gold coming out of the image and beautiful beings there connected to a huge amount of light, very beautiful. I ran the Heart Alignment Profile on my home and felt a clearing take place on my home - this tool is so beautiful Bill, it has a clearing profile not like the UCP as it clears what you want cleared that are not aligned with the Heart of the Creator then it aligns what you asked to be aligned. It also has a very powerful grounding and centering effect which I have never felt with any other tool, it also seals everything at the end, the connection to the heart of the creator at the end of a session with it is so beautiful it left me feeling peaceful and strong and so grounded, where the UCP clears things out the Heart Alignment Profile gives you a sense of strength from the heart so to speak where nothing else matters, so peaceful so aligned and it's like ego has no place in this space."  (Omra Mara Joseph, Australia)

I have been working with the energies of the Heart of the Creator for several years now. I was guided to work in this area when I was downloading the Practical Masteryô body of work and I needed a safe place where PM practitioners could transmit the PM sessions to others. I got that this was the safest place for them to work in.

About a month after I brought in the Universal Clearing Profile, I was experimenting with a new form of meditation where I align my heart with the Heart of the Creator and then radiate waves of love from my multidimensional heart to the planet. I was in such an expansive space after this meditation that I got wouldnít it be neat if I could create a session to help me move to this expansive open-hearted space automatically. And as I focused on what this would like I saw the etheric level blueprints and coding for it so I went ahead and downloaded them.

When I asked what the name should be I got that this was the Creator Heart Alignment Profile and it was the complementary profile to the Universal Clearing Profile. This is really a very powerful energetic upgrade profile that can be accessed and utilized very easily and effortlessly by people who are attuned to use it. An example of how you could use it is if there is any area of your life that you would like to enhance, upgrade and improve you can apply the Creator Heart Alignment Profile to align that area with the Heart of the Creator which provides an instant energetic upgrade for whatever area you work on.

Use with Other People: This tool is so powerful that you can use it to help other people - ONCE YOU GET THEIR PERMISSION.

It works especially well with and complements the Universal Clearing Profile. Say for example you are working on yourself or a client in the area of self love. If you are attuned to use the Universal Clearing Profile, you could use that tool to clear out the programming around lack of self love, esteem, acceptance and worth and then use the Creator Heart Alignment Profile to enhance, upgrade and align your capacity for self love, acceptance, esteem and worth with the Heart of Creator.

This profile or tool is so elegantly simple and user friendly that there is only a three page set of instructions and another page with a vibrationally encoded image of the Creator Heart Alignment Profile that you can share with others. The cost of being attuned to invoke, access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile is $333 and I will try to attune you within four business days after I receive your order.

Important Note: When I attune you to access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile, you can access and use the CHAP tool to assist other people.  However, you are NOT able to attune other people to access and utilize the Creator Heart Alignment Profile.



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