Empowerment and Enlightenment
Heart Oriented Ascension "Mastery is about an inner process of transformation - from the inside out. Your outer world is the external out-picturing of your internal thoughts, feelings and attitudes. If you want to change your outer world, you have to change your inner one first. There is no other way."
In 2008, the focus of my work shifted to the field of heart oriented ascension: Helping people open their heart and align with the heart paradigm on Gaia
Empowerment and Enlightenment Videos
I hand-picked the most powerful enlightenment sessions I offer to place on video so that you could use them to jump-start your growth!


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Crystalline DNA Activations™
One of the easiest way to accelerate your spiritual growth is to upgrade your DNA. The most popular DNA Activations Bill offers... The first DNA Activation you receive is free!
Enlightenment and Empowerment Healing Sessions
Choose from hundreds of Angelic Mastery of the Personality, Angelic Conscious Embodiment, Emotional Mastery and Enlightenment sessions from Practical Mastery and Angelic Mastery.
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Angelic & Enlightenment Digital Image Collections

Sets of ten enlightenment and angelic images created by Bill accompanied by an audio recording in mp3 format for $33.

Inner Mastery Tools Empowerment Products
Empower yourself with our best-selling product - the Affirmation Enhancer Tool...
Advanced Clearing and Protection Package
It is hard to stay empowered when you get sucked into other people's stuff...