New Updates to the Site

Of course the big update is the unveiling of the new site. It was a humongous labor of love and quite inspired me to look at all the kewl work I have done over the years and it has only just begun...


New Things as of March 20, 2009:

Am adding Google Translate Box to most pages on the site to make it more user friendly for international visitors!

Blasting Sessions for Money, Downer Emotions, Karma, Home Clearing, Colds/Viruses (6/1/09)
Angelic Mastery Practitioner Training for Angelic Conscious Embodiment Sessions  (4/19/09)
Inner Mastery Tools Product Modules for Stress Release and Clearing Addictive Tendencies (4/16/09)
Added the full line of Pet/Animal Healing Products (4/13/2009)
Bill added a second group to the Self Directed Healing Program! (4/2/09)
Angelic Mastery Sequences™ Video Series (3/21/09)
Bill has begun offering Customized Healing Images in addition to Soul Portraits. (3/20/09)
Added Parts 5 and 6 to Unplugging from the 3rd Dimension Matrix. (3/19/09)
New Feng Shui Healing Manual on the Five Eastern/Western Elements
New Confidence Affirmation Set Module from Inner Mastery Tools































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