Practitioner Training & Support
Practical Mastery™ Training Program ($900)

Practical Mastery gives people spiritual tools that can enhance the quality of their daily lives. Learn how to transmit over 600 powerful clearing, healing, abundance and enlightenment sessions to yourself and others! Includes the Universal Clearing Profile - my most powerful tool as well!
Universal Clearing Profile ($333)
If I had to get rid of all my tools and I could keep just one of them, this is the one I would hold on to. Most powerful clearing tool Bill has created that he uses everyday.

“The spiritual path ultimately is about love and only love. Love is the only thing that is real. Love is the only thing that matters.”
Crystalline Rainbow Reiki™ Master Training ($180 for Level 1)
Become attuned to access and utilize one of the most pristine, heart-oriented Reiki healing modalities on the planet...
Mastery Sequences™ for Enlightenment ($33 to $270)
Some of the most advanced work I do in the area of enlightenment and heart-oriented ascension. Four series of activations that get more intense as you progress through them.
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Energetic Soul Portraits and Customized Healing Images
Use customized healing images hand-crafted by Bill specifically for you ($97). Receive tremendous healing & accelerate your growth when you order a soul portrait ($333).
Pet and Animal Healing Modality
Learn a simple but powerful technique to heal pets and all of your furry, friends…
Inner Mastery Tools Practitioner Training
Utilize the powerful set of IMT tools to help yourself, your family and clients