In a way the body of work comprising the Crystalline DNA Activations™ Angelic Mastery™ and Practical Mastery™ healing modalities are my self improvement courses. The Mastery Sequences™ comprise my course in enlightenment - helping people to build a solid foundation for GOD Realization and to align with the Creator. And the body of work around Heart Oriented Ascension is about helping people to open their heart, align with the Heart Paradigm and to live from this space!
Mastery Sequences™

After I downloaded the Practical Mastery™ healing modality, I began downloading a series of powerful activations that comprised the first level of Mastery Sequences™ for Enlightenment. The purpose of these downloads was to establish a firm foundation for empowerment and enlightenment.

The  GOD Mastery Sequences™ came in nine months later. And the Creator and VOID Mastery Sequences™ came in together a year after the GOD series. The Angelic Mastery Sequences™ originally came in two years ago as a series of Angelic Audio Transmissions but now that Earth is more firmly rooted in the Heart Paradigm, they could be hugely upgraded and transmitted on video recordings. Click on the links below to learn more about the five major categories of Mastery Sequences™

Angelic Mastery Sequences

  Mastery Sequences™ for Enlightenment
  GOD Mastery Sequences
  Creator Mastery Sequences
  VOID Mastery Sequences





NEW: Angelic Mastery Sequences™

A new line of Angelic Video Transmissions to assist people in awakening and opening their hearts and to align with the emerging Heart Paradigm on Gaia. Some of the videos include things like: Forgiveness/Karma Healing; Transforming Beliefs and Emotions; Heart Chambers Activation; Honoring the Physical Body; Angelic Enlightenment and my personal favorite the Angelic Fresh Start... This series of video transmissions is priced at $33 - a great deal!

Click here to learn more about the Angelic Mastery Sequences™!


Mastery Sequences™ for Enlightenment

The Mastery Sequences™are a spiritual dispensation from the Creator to assist beings on this planet with clearings, healings and activations of mastery that can propel them into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. These activations help set a solid groundwork of self love; forgiveness; abundance; living in the now; releasing the past; trust; sovereignty, etc. Most of these audio recordings are priced at $33.

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GOD Mastery Sequences™

The GOD Mastery Sequences™ are the next level of Mastery Sequences™ that will help people to realize the “GOD” within themselves or their Mighty I AM Presence dwelling within their heart. The following Mastery Sequences™ are all about connecting to one's soul of the GOD presence within and bringing that energy into our bodies. Most of these audio recordings are priced at $45.

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Creator Mastery Sequences™
The Creator Mastery Sequences are a divine dispensation of grace for those highly evolved souls who have incarnated here to assist the planet. Prior to incarnating here, these great masters agreed to turn off or be separated from the higher levels of their inner divinity and mastery so that they could dwell in a physical body. These series of activations are designed to help people awaken and remember who they are so they can bring in and reconnect with their mastery.

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VOID Mastery Sequences™
These are a series of powerful transmissions to assist each individual in connecting and working with the energies of the VOID - which is the source of the world of matter.  These activations help to awaken the Creator GOD/Goddess aspect residing within each of our hearts. These VOID Mastery Sequences are one way of accomplishing this goal.  

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Video Transmission of Angelic Mastery Sequences

This video is contains nineteen powerful Angelic Mastery Sequences™ transmissions for angelic assistance and healing for Abundance, success and prosperity; healing our past lives; healing for the aura, chakras and meridians; healing for curses, sleeping and dreaming; karma; detoxification; enlightenment; forgiveness; trauma, pain and suffering; angelic shielding and protection for you and your home; inner child and emotional healing; rejuvenation and much more...

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