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More powerful than technology, more effective and pure than pharmaceuticals, more permanent than talk therapy, more life-changing than any other methods, Spiritual Energy Healing helps clear, heal, transmute and release negative thoughts and feelings so you can create a life that works and supports you on all levels!


Welcome to the BillAustinArt.com Web Site!

Reiki Master Bill Austin

Greetings! My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, writer and visionary. I have helped hundreds of people to heal themselves, release their past, grow spiritually and heal their relationship with money and I would like to help you as well. Most people who work with me are interested in the six major areas listed above:



Bill's Recommended Sessions

I have been offering energy healing services and products for over seven years now and this site is fairly large. Listed below are some of my suggested recommendations for sessions.

Highly Recommended for EVERYONE!!!

People who are new to the spiritual path and unfamiliar with alternative health techniques like energy healing will generally benefit the most from:

People who have been on the spiritual path for a while and who have done some spiritual healing, clearing and balancing work will generally benefit the most from:

Spiritual healers and seekers of enlightenment, mastery and planetary/cosmic ascension will  generally benefit the most from:

People who are in the forefront of consciousness work on this planet would probably benefit the most from:


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